This book is an absolute page-turner from the start. The evident in-depth knowledge of the boots on the ground perspective offers a rare glimpse into the unique position our troops and contractor/operators have endured in the modern ground wars and conflicts native to the Middle-East theaters.

We hear the voice of an average soldier in these words without holding back punches and it leaves no doubt this was a lived-in experience and not a tourist or visiting political appointee selling their opinions from far behind the lines and safeguarded by walls of flesh and barricades.

You will find this an easy to consume and direct read that practically rolls you through these highways of ragged vehicles and desperate people just wanting to outlast the other guy for just one more day. Pick this up if you are even slightly curious about how the average guy deals with the not-so-average mine field of shifting alliances, broken deals and outright hostility towards our troops in harms way on the actual frontline of our defense.

Lee Craig